On the treatment of prostatitis in men from A to Z: principles and methods of effective therapy.

The urologist prescribes a course of treatment for prostatitis to the patient.

Every year more and more men are faced with a disease like prostatitis. This is a fairly common pathology that develops due to the presence of unwanted microorganisms in the body.

They cause the appearance of a painful inflammatory process, which covers more and more healthy tissues of the prostate gland.

Not so long ago it was believed that this unpleasant problem appears only in the elderly. But it really is not. Statistics show that in recent years, the disease has become significantly younger: young people, from the age of 20, are getting sicker and sicker.

Urologists diagnose them with pronounced signs of a strong inflammatory process. In this article, we will try to find out what this ailment is, what its symptoms are, the main diagnostic methods and effective and efficient treatment methods.

Do not forget that timely detection of the disease allows you to get rid of it completely. What is the treatment for prostatitis? The answer can be found below.

What is prostatitis in men: symptoms and causes?

Infections in the body can trigger the development of prostatitis.

Prostatitis is a disease that affects the prostate (prostate gland). This is a common pathology that affects the male genitourinary system.

The reasons for their appearance can be completely different. It can occur due to the presence of some infection in the body.

The inflammatory process in the prostate can be triggered by a weakening of the body's defenses, hypothermia, an inactive, irregular lifestyle or, on the contrary, too saturated.sex life. . . A pathological condition can also be the result of nervous overstrain or other infectious diseases.

Do not forget that the prostate gland is one of the vital organs that is actively involved in the ejaculation process. She is the main part of the reproductive system of the stronger sex.

This organ looks like a walnut. It is located at the beginning of the urethra. The main function of the gland is considered to be the production of secretions, which are responsible for the viability of sperm.

Inflammatory process in the prostate gland with prostatitis.

It should be noted that at this time there are several types of diseases: acute prostatitis, chronic abacterial, chronic bacterial and chronic asymptomatic.

The first variety is considered one of the rarest. Furthermore, it is she who proceeds with the most severity. The cause of this type of prostatitis is an infection.

The acute form is distinguished by quite pronounced symptoms: high body temperature, fever, painful and unpleasant sensations in the pelvic area, bloody impurities in the urine, pain during ejaculation and other unpleasant signs of poor health. When diagnosing an ailment, immediate medical attention is needed. Most often, hospitalization is required.

But all other types of inflammatory processes that occur in the prostate gland are chronic symptoms and not so pronounced. But, nevertheless, they are more common. Also, they are very difficult to find.

Pain in the lower abdomen a symptom of chronic prostatitis.

Signs of a chronic form of prostatitis are: pain in the lower abdomen and spine, impaired urination, sexual disorders, purulent and transparent discharge from the urethra.

It should be noted that with an asymptomatic course of the disease, there may be no obvious manifestations. But an accurate diagnosis can only be made on the basis of the test results obtained.

The inflammatory process that occurs in the prostate occurs, as a rule, only after 20 years.. . . But representatives of the stronger sex, who are between 30 and 40 years old, have a higher risk of contracting it.

With each passing decade, the probability of receiving a "gift" of this ailment increases rapidly. After about the fifth dozen, according to statistics, almost half of all men on the planet are affected by the disease.

Men after 30-40 years should be examined by specialists as often as possible. This will allow you to diagnose the disease in the early stages.

Methods for the treatment of acute and chronic prostatitis in urology.

Innovative methods of therapy for the inflammatory process that occurs in the prostate gland are very diverse.

They depend on the degree and type of ailment.

You should also take into account the presence or absence of certain complications, the duration of the course of the disease and the characteristics of a particular organism. The treatment procedure can be performed both on an outpatient basis and in a hospital.

The method chosen depends on the specific situation as well as the well-being of the patient. You need to go to the appointment with the urologist at the clinic, where you will first be able to pass all the necessary tests and undergo diagnostics, and only then, based on the results, will you be prescribed a suitable course of treatment.

Do not forget that the disease can only be overcome with an integrated approach to therapy. You cannot disregard any advice from your personal physician.

Complex drug therapy: scheme and duration of the course.

Medicines for the treatment of prostatitis.

Treatment with certain drugs includes: antibiotics, non-steroidal drugs with strong analgesic and alpha-blocking effects.

Antibiotics are used primarily as a method to treat bacterial prostatitis.

The patient also needs to take alpha-blockers.

They are indicated for chronic prostatitis. With its help, you can relieve severe pain and reduce swelling of the organ. Nonsteroidal medications are prescribed for acute forms of the disease.

In addition to these drugs, ichthyol suppositories and Chinese dressings are prescribed.

From all the information set out above, we can conclude that in the presence of an inflammatory process that occurs in the prostate gland, it is necessary to use the following groups of drugs:

  1. antibiotics
  2. non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  3. good painkillers and other groups of drugs.

The most effective physical therapy to help the prostate heal quickly.

When treating the ailment in question, it is very important to eliminate the most acute and unpleasant painful symptoms as soon as possible. For this, an effective physiotherapy is used.

The main physical therapy procedures include the following:

The doctor prepares for a prostate massage.

  1. massage. . . It is difficult to do without it when treating this pathology. Many men are extremely negative about this procedure, but it should be noted that you can do it yourself at home;
  2. acupuncture. . . This is a relatively new method of treating prostatitis, the goal of which is to eliminate stagnant processes in the prostate gland. With its help, you can activate the functionality of the internal organs located in the small pelvis. At the same time, the natural and healthy oxygen metabolism is restored. This procedure is indicated for use in people with chronic prostatitis and unpleasant pain in the pelvic area.

Treatment of the prostate gland with medical massage.

The doctor preliminarily estimates the extent of organic damage, its symmetry, location. Depending on this, a certain variation of the prostate massage technique is chosen.

Direct prostate massage for the treatment of prostatitis.

Typically, the procedure takes about a minute. The maximum is three. But on the other hand, after that, you can immediately feel the difference: the state of health gradually improves, the focus of inflammation becomes smaller, and the gland returns to its normal dimensions.

How to fight inflammation in men on a diet?

Proper nutrition for a successful fight against prostatitis.

Proper nutrition in the presence of an inflammatory process in the prostate gland is considered one of the main components of a successful fight against this unpleasant and insidious disease.

Diet changes can help increase the effectiveness of drug therapy.

A man who wants to get rid of prostatitis must completely eliminate fried foods from his diet.Instead, he needs to eat more vegetables, fresh greens, and fruits.

The daily menu should consist of healthy and easily digestible dishes that have been prepared from natural products and, most importantly, fresh.

How to properly train to heal?

Performing therapeutic exercises for prostatitis.

Kegel exercises and a therapeutic gymnastics complex will help cure prostatitis.These methods of influencing the tissues of the affected organs are very effective.

They have been specially formulated to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Some of the exercises can be performed sitting at the workplace or at home in front of the television or computer.

How to get rid of a male disease using home remedies?

Alternative medicine recipes are very popular in treating prostatitis. Believe it or not, this ailment can be cured even with hydrogen peroxide. But, before using this medicine, you should first consult with your personal physician.

Garlic-based home remedies are widely used for prostatitis.

Garlic is also actively used to get rid of this ailment. It will help to normalize the functioning of the organs of the genitourinary system. It also improves blood circulation in the small pelvis, prevents further spread of the focus of inflammation, and also restores potency.

Experts also advise the use of rose hips, dead bees, pumpkin seeds and their oil, honey, and even soft drinks. These components actively eliminate pathogens, improve the functionality of the prostate gland and blood circulation.

Surgery as a last resort

For quite some time, only surgical manipulations were used to treat this disease. However, it is important to note that they have mixed effects. In recent years, the popularity of such radical treatment methods.Surgery to remove the prostate gland for prostatitisdecreased slightly.

The main radical methods of therapy are:

  1. transurethral resection of the prostate. . . It consists of removing part of the affected prostate. This relieves pressure on the urethra. The result of this surgical intervention is considered to be to eliminate all the main symptoms of inflammation;
  2. prostatectomy (adenectomy). . . Open surgery, which is characterized by the removal of the prostate with conventional surgical instruments.

About the endolymphatic method

Endolymphatic therapy is a modern method of treating chronic, often recurrent diseases.

Its use has been made possible thanks to the appearance of innovative tools that ensure the transport of certain drugs directly to the lymphatic system.

This method of treatment allows you to quite successfully cope with many types of long-term, serious and refractory diseases, in particular, prostatitis.

What happens if the disease is not treated?

Man suffers from the effects of untreated prostatitis

If you ignore the unpleasant and dangerous symptoms of the inflammatory process, you may run into trouble. The disease will progress, gradually flowing into a new stage, which will be even more difficult to cure.

Also, do not forget that some types of prostatitis occur without any characteristic signs.

And this complicates the process of diagnosing pathology. This is why you should visit your specialist's office regularly. He will order tests to help diagnose the disease.

If you do not go to the doctors, you will increase the risk of developing prostate adenoma, prostate cancer and also sexual impotence.. . . Watch for the signals your own body gives you.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that in recent years it is precisely minimally invasive methods of eliminating the inflammatory process in the prostate that have become quite popular. They are more effective and less painful.

Prostatitis is an unpleasant pathology that requires immediate treatment immediately after its detection. Do not forget that the disease is already very difficult to cure. You can quickly get rid of it only if this is the initial stage of the disease.